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Lesson 1: Why is Goal Setting Important

Why you REALLY need Goals - as if your life depended on it

Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting Free Course


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 1. Setting Goals gives you Purpose, Drive, Direction and Motivation in Life

The #1 most important reason why you should set goals, is because setting goals gives you purpose and direction in life. You stop just existing and just getting by on autopilot, and become an active creator of your dream life. Everyday when you wake up, you should have a reason for living, for existing and a reason for doing what you do everyday. You can say that you already have a reason for being and direction in life, but I promise you that when you set goals you will find other motivators and dreams that you didn´t even know about or had simply forgotten. This is for goals in general.

With Purpose Goals specifically, it is even better because it helps you uncover your Purpose first, and then helps you set and achieve goals in alignment with that. So you become motivated by a higher purpose, and then find even more purpose, drive, direction and motivation in your life.

2. Setting Goals helps you Heal Depression, Anxiety, and even Heartbreaks

Because having clear defined goals,gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, a reason for living and purpose in direction in life, it really helps you overcome depression, anxiety and even heartbreaks.I remember that during my own healing journey, after almost having lost my life, I went through a dark phase where I was struggling with depression. But after doing my goals seriously,I began feeling more excited and enthusiastic about my life, I became very driven and committed in achieving those goals, and this took my mind off my pain, and into focusing on my destiny.

I realised that I didn´t have time to waste suffering, because I had more important things to do and achieve in my life. It also helped me turn my pain into power and into something constructive. New books were written,naralee.cowas born,Travel with Purposewas born,Love Luxury Homeswas born, I became super healthy and exercised daily, and overall my everyday daily life improved for the better. As my mentorMichael Bernard Beckwith says: "Pain pushes, Vision Pulls".

3. Setting Goals helps you Make More Money

There is a direct correlation between setting goals and making more money. I shared with you before that I became best sales performer and top earner in my company after setting goals. This was so much proven that, actually on my team, we were encouraged to never even get on the phone with clients and get to work unless we had our goals already set.A study conducted by Harvard Universityalso found that the 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, ended up earning 10x as much as the other 97% put together (who didn´t have written goals), just ten years after graduation (Forbes). Setting goals does help you make more money, but it´s not setting goals as in just writing down what you want, but actually following a proven methodology and goal setting system. Otherwise you won´t understand why your goals are being ineffective.

4. Setting Goals helps you with Time Management

You would think that time management is a problem that you need help with. But the reality is that once you set goals, it is so much easier to create a stick to a time management programme that works for you. The reason being that,once you have your goals defined, you also have clear priorities, so you no longer waste time on things that are not on your priority list.Or if at any time you do, you will do it more consciously and aware that actually you don´t have that kind of time, as you have more important things to do.

For example, in my real estate business, I used to spend countless hours working on it, perfecting this and that, and my work was almost endless. When I got strong and clear on my goals, I only focused on the vital few activities in my business that would really make a difference and move the needle forward. This freed up time for me to work on my other goals, such as finding time to write, create, record videos, go to the gym, spa, meditation, etc. Before say, setting body goals, I wouldn´t even have time to go to the gym. But having time is a myth.

"I don´t have time" is an excuse. We are the ones that Create and Allocate time, according to our Priorities. Instead of saying "I don´t have time", try saying "I will make and allocate time for this". And watch your life transform. We are the keepers of our time, and thus our lives.

5. Setting Goals helps you Create your Dream Life
It is said that "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve".If a dream was planted in your mind and heart, it means that you also have the capacity to bring it to life.But how do you turn dreams into reality? The first step, after dreaming, is setting goals. Becausesetting goals not only crystalizes your dream, but also helps you create a viable plan to achieve it.In my methodology of goal setting, you also begin attracting your goals after you set them. I remember I had put in my goals meeting and working withStig Severinsenwhich is a Guinness World Record holder for the longest breathold in human history, and also a multiple freediving world champion. 3 months later I "accidentally" received an invitation to be part of European Transformational Leaders gathering in Spain, which is by invitation only, in which he was a speaker there, and "by chance" we really hit it off, became good friends until today, and even went freediving together (which was my dream, to also learn with him : ).

I had also many smaller dreams in my life such as taking a 2 year mini retirement and living as an artist focusing on my craft without working, moving countries, travelling to the Maldives (my dream destination) etc etc. But none of this would have been possible without goal setting. After all,

Whatever your dream is, big or small, tangible or intangible, external or internal, you can achieve, and it all starts with goal setting.

I hope that I managed to convey the crucial life changing importance of setting goals. Honestly speaking, you should not get out of bed or even attempt new ventures in life without first setting your goals. You can be easily travelling in the "wrong direction" and not even know it. Setting goals makes life easier, by bringing structure, direction, clarity and focus that we need in order to succeed in our lives.

If you have set goals before and did not experience the benefits described here, it does not mean that goal setting does not work. It just means that your goal setting needs fine tuning, and you probably need to use a new methodology that actually works, rather than stick to the same old patterns.

On the next lesson, you will learn why your goal setting techniques have not been working and what you can do about it.

Hope to see you then, and thank you for being part of this course.

Much Love & Light,


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