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Lesson 4: Limiting Beliefs

How to Uncover Limiting Beliefs that are Sabotaging your Success

Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting Free Course


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This lesson is crucial because whenever you set a new goals and a new vision for your life, what sabotages the achievement of your goals is your subconscious limiting beliefs - that silent tape that is playing in the background without your awareness.

Limiting beliefs are subconscious beliefs that limit your possibilities. For example "I will never be able to be rich" is a subconscious belief that limits your possibilities and chances of achieving extraordinary success. A big one for spiritual people is "You can’t be spiritual and wealthy."

You see, if your subconscious beliefs are contradictory to your goals, or if your subconscious story is different from the story you want to create in your life, you will either fail in your attempts at creating that reality or you will self-sabotage sooner or later.

Thus before I let my students set goals, I always encourage them to clean their "headtrash" and deal with the subconscious limiting beliefs that keep them from the success they want to achieve in life.

There are two parts of this exercise:

1. Identifying Limiting Beliefs

2. Clearing Limiting Beliefs and Reprogramming your Mind for Success

In this lesson I am going to help you identify and clear your limiting beliefs.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

There are many methods and strategies for identifying limiting beliefs.

The life you are living is a manifestation of the subconscious beliefs you hold.”

The easiest one, is by simply looking at your life. Whenever you have an area in your life, where you have lack of something or not what you want, most certainly you have limiting beliefs around that area of your life.

If for example you are not earning what you would like to earn, or living where you would like to live, or having the lifestyle you would love to live, you probably have some limiting beliefs around money.

Goals that are Possible for Others, but "Not for Me" (False!)

Deeper limiting beliefs can be identified, when you see something that is like "wow" and "amazing" but you don´t even give yourself permission to dream it (nevermind having it) because your mind sees that as "out there" or "something else that happens to others (some special people) but not me".

This is an even deeper limiting belief for it is stopping you at the root level - it is not allowing you to even dream it for you, believing it to be possible for you - and thus it can never be possible for you.

Whenever you catch yourself in these situations, I want you to ask yourself"Why do I think this is not possible for me?"and"What is it about me that is different from those people that makes it impossible for me?"and then ask"Is this true?"and"Is this really true?".

And also start dwelling on the "permission question". Ask yourself -"Why am I not giving myself PERMISSION to do x/y/z or be xyz?". Sometimes we don´t give ourselves permission to shine, dream, succeed, be crazy happy or even live the life that will truly fulfill us. We do this not as a conscious choice, but often as a subconscious choice.

For example if you are a struggling artist you could ask"Why am I not giving myself permission to make an abundant living through my art?". And you will catch answers such as"It´s hard to make a living as an artist","Maybe my work is not good enough"," I don´t have a manager"etc etc…(i.

All these seem like plausible excuses but they are nothing more than limiting beliefs, and they need to be cleared in order for you to create the life that you want, otherwise they will sabotage your success and hold you back.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs and Reprogramming your Mind

Once you have identified your limiting beliefs and brought them to the table, it is time to do some healing and clearing. There are again, many ways of doing so, but I will share one practical one that you can use.

First, question all your beliefs: "is this true? Is it really true? Why do I believe this? Where did I get this silly idea from?"

You want to do this for every single limiting belief you have, and write down the answers on a journal.

Second, once you have caught your limiting beliefs, you need to reprogram your mind with new beliefs. The best way to do this is to re-write your beliefs, into empowering new ones, and transforming them into affirmations.

Instead of "It´s hard to make a living as an artist" change this to "I make a good living as an artist, everyone loves my work, buys my work and wants to work with me" , and so on.

Then repeat these every single day in the morning, until you are brainwashed.

You may also identify underlying conditions from your beliefs, that also need healing and work. For example the underlying condition for your limiting beliefs may be low self-worth (that you didn´t even know you had), lack of self-love and self-acceptance.At this point, you may work with a new set of affirmations on self-love and self-acceptance that you write, or you can buy existing ones say, from myself and/or fromLouise Hay.

For women, they may have sub-conscious beliefs regarding money and femininity where they believe men are supposed to be the breadwinners and that they are the "weaker" part and so could never earn as much as a guy. This also needs clearing (see my book -Money Affirmations for Women).

You can also do other healing work such as Childhood Regression, NLP, Coaching, amongst others. But you get the point.

If you want to achieve your goals, it is not just writing them down, and doing the practical work. It is also doing the inner work necessary to achieve them, which includes but is not limited to clearing limiting beliefs. There are also other layers of work necessary to achieve your goals, so always combine both - inner work, with outer work, in order to see more significant results.

I hope that you have enjoyed this lesson, and stick with me, for our last final lesson.

Our final wrap up topic is called How to Transform your Life and Manifest your Destiny. Because whatever you can dream, you can achieve it! And I am proof of that, literally many of my dreams have been turned into reality. And I know for sure that so can yours, for we are all one and the same - children of the same wonderful Creator :)

Tomorrow, I will not be sending you the next lesson, to give you time to review lessons 1-4 in case you haven´t had time to go through them (scroll up for the links to each lesson). Then after tomorrow, I will send you lesson 5 on how to transform your life and manifest your destiny.

It has been a true honour to serve you, and I look forward to seeing you after tomorrow.

Much Love & Light,


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