Purpose Goals Course Curriculum

Purpose Goals is a 4 week Goal Setting & Achieving Course, comprising of 4 core modules. You will receive video lessons, exercises, and a goal setting workbook to help you set and achieve your goals.

To help you achieve your goals, after the course ends, you will also have access to lifetime support and community.

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Week 1 - Module 1: Purpose

Module 1 sets the foundation for the goal setting work that we will be doing in the course by helping you discover your True Authentic Self, your Passion, Vision, Purpose, and your own Personal Success Formula (PSF). After completing this module you will have more clarity about your true identity, about what´s truly important to you (not the busy things we usually fill our days with), and you will even have discovered potential new career and business paths. The clarity that you will gain in this module will help give you a new focus in your life.

Each video lesson comes with practical exercises you need to do.

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Week 2- Module 2: Goal Setting

In this module you will learn my unique and proven Goal Setting system, that not only helps you set your goals, but also uses your intuitive mind to discover important goals that your rational mind wouldn´t arrive at, as well as helping you manifest these.

At the end of this module,
you will have arrived at your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals that are aligned with your True Authentic Self and the answers you discovered in Module 1, so you know exactly what to focus on and prioritize, and can start Living on Purpose. I also include a lesson on Intuitive Goal Setting, which is particularly helpful for those who are more creative/right brained or those that want a more joyful, visual and creative approach to goal setting.

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Week 3 - Module 3: Achieving your Goals

There is no point in setting goals, if you don´t know how to achieve them. In this module you will learn practical strategies for Achieving your Goals.

We all know that certain goals also cost money, and sometimes this stops us. For this reason I have included for you a very practical section, called Funding your Goals, to help you create the money you need to finance your goals.

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Week 4 - BONUS: Goal Setting Tech Tutorials

I am a tech geek, and love to use technology to increase productivity and success. In this bonus module, we will take everything that we have learned and set goals using Asana, Trello and also Google Apps - so you can choose which suits your personality best.

Using these tools to set your goals, will not only keep your goals in your pocket (on ipad, phone, and computer) but they will also help you achieve them faster - as you will have visual reminders of your goals, as well as an actual automated accountability system to keep you in check.


BONUS: Lifetime Support and Community


One of the most important factors when it comes to achieving your goals, is having an accountability partner or system in place. Once you join Purpose Goals, you become part of the family for life, and will receive lifetime support and accountability. This means that you invest in the course once, but can re-use it to set goals every year, as well as get expert help on anything you might be stuck on - to ensure you actually do succeed and achieve your goals! Sounds amazing? It is! Your success is our success so we will do our best to help you on your journey!