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Lesson 5:

How to Change your Life and Manifest your Destiny

Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting Free Course


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Everyone I know, wants to create the life of their dreams. I mean, why wouldn´t you? Why would you ever settle for a life that is less than what you are capable of living? In my mind it doesn´t make any sense at all, but I know that many times, we do actually settle for less. Not because we don´t know that we are capable of more but because sometimes "life" gets in the way of our dreams, and we end up adjusting, settling, and eventually getting used to our comfort zone and never really making the move.

For me, it took me a near death experience, and being hospitalized, to wake up from my lucid dream that I called "life". I began to ask, "whose life was I living anyway? Who was I living for? What was I living for? What was the purpose of my day to day life?" Because in the bigger scheme of things, at the face of death, I really did not wish I had done any more property deals. It didn´t even matter how much money I even made at that point. All that mattered was:

“Did I use my Life constructively?“
”Did I do what I came here for?”

And in addition to this, it was the realisation that not only had I not even began to touch the surface of my life´s work, but I was also barely doing the things that really fulfilled me at the core - I was barely following my passions, I was barely following my dreams, and even whatever cool life I thought I had with material comfort, was still not that meaningful because I wasn´t fulfilled from the inside. I knew there was something more to my life, but I was waiting for god knows what, to do it "one day in the future", when I had enough time to have the "luxury" to think about these things of "passion" and "purpose". Turns out, they are not luxuries. They are necessities, and things we must get on with, with urgency. Because we never know which day will be our last. I thought I had time. Life showed me, I didn´t. I had what we call "Life Interrupted". I was like "wait a second, I haven´t even lived yet. I have being playing pretend living. Doing the normal 9-5, work, travel, friends, family, you know, the usual. But I haven´t even LIVED yet".

Long story short, this was many years ago, and was the turning point in my life, to start creating and living the life of my dreams, and start living on purpose.

For you, what will it be? Don´t wait for something to happen for you to start thinking about this. Start committing to your Dreams and Purpose, now. Your life matters. Your time matters.

How do you Transform your Life and Manifest your Destiny? How do you Create your Dream Life?

These are the steps that have worked for me and my students:


Step 1: Surrender to your Creator and Ask for Guidance

Whether you are spiritual, or religious,or none of those at all, it doesn´t matter.

Acknowledge that there is a mysterious divine intelligence that created the earth, the stars the oceans, the moon, the flowers, billions of galaxies, and also created - YOU. Not only did this intelligence create you, but also made you super smart, unique, with truly amazing special abilities, that you probably even take it for granted.

This intelligence makes the world go around, it ensures that we all have food, water, air to breathe, and somehow life in its most basic form, just works.

This intelligence also knows you better than you know yourself. It knows your potential that lies dormant within you. It knows what you were created for, and what you have to give to the world.

Surrender to this divine intelligence, and ask for guidance. Ask to be directed to your purpose and life´s work, and ask "what is the highest and best use of my life? What am I here for? Please guide me, and show me the way."

Do this ideally after meditation, and in prayer form. Surrender and trust.

If you don´t believe in the power of surrender, there is an amazing book documenting real life surrender experiments, it´s called The Surrender Experiment, take a look.

Step 2: Discover your True Authentic Self

Many times when people feel stuck, bored, unfulfilled, or in a rat race is because they are still not living in congruence with their true authentic self, values and purpose.

You could skip this step, and just create a list of what you think you want. I have done this too in the past, and what I found later on, was that my list was not even the truth. I had bought into some idea of what success was supposed to look like, I had bought into some idea of what I thought I had to do with my life in order to have a good life. It was what I thought I wanted, so I set goals, I got busy chasing them, but in the end it was as if they didn´t count for anything, because they were superficial goals, that did not matter in the bigger picture of my life.

To manifest your destiny and your dream life, you really have to be manifesting a life that is aligned with your true authentic self, otherwise, no matter how much money you have or how much you buy and achieve, you will never be happy and fulfilled - there will always be a sense of there is something missing. This is true although, you do have moments of happiness. Maybe the right word is not happiness. It is self-realization - the feeling that you are really exploring your full potential and living the best life you could possibly live - doing what you came here for. And that life has to be authentic and true to you.

So step 2 is 100% to really get clear on your true authentic self, values and purpose.

Step 3: Time to Dream & Create - Set Goals

Now that you are clear about who you are, what you value, what your purpose is, you can begin to set goals. Needless to say, these will not be the same goals you would set for yourself, if you did not do step 2. These will be richer goals, more accurate goals, and goals that you are really passionate about achieving, because they come from a deeper place rather than a superficial rush rush exercise.

Take time to brainstorm and set your goals properly. Use a proven system to guide you through this process so that you have a framework to work with. Setting goals is a lot more than just writing down what you want.

Step 4: Create a Plan to Make those Dreams a Reality

Everyday, you must be taking action towards your goals. After you have set your goals, to make them reality, you need to take action (obviously!). Taking action sounds very vague and generic, if it was that simple everyone would be living their dream life right?

Well there is also a process for making your dreams come true. And you can work on a mental, spiritual and physical level all at the same time to manifest your destiny. You can use visualisation and manifestation techniques (which by the way, do work).

Although I am talking about making things happen, and making your dreams a reality, there is also a school of thought that says "your calling will find you" and that you don´t have to find your calling. But even if "your calling finds you", you still need to integrate it into your daily life, you still need a strategic plan to express your calling and purpose in this world, and on top of that you still have other dreams, goals and aspirations that you need to reconcile with your Calling.

In any case, make a clear written plan, that you can look at and follow through. In Purpose Goals online course, students get templates for everything, and all they have to do is follow the instructions of a proven method, rather than wasting months or years with trial and error.

The most important is that you have a written plan to follow (much like a business plan) and that you take strategic action on those items. There is a way to do this without feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or burned out, so be strategic about how you create your plan, so that you can enjoy the journey, and not be on rush rush mode to the destination. What takes longer is the journey, make it special.

I hope that you have enjoyed this lesson.

Tomorrow, is the last day of this course, and I will send you a summary of all course lessons, in case you missed some or didn´t have the time to go through them in detail.

Have a lovely day,


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