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Lesson 3: Finding your Purpose

Introducing YOU to you - The Value of your True Authentic Self in Finding your Purpose in Life

Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting Free Course


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The topic for today´s lesson is sooo exciting - it is called

Lesson 3: Finding your Purpose - Introducing YOU to You - The Value of your True Authentic Self

We are going to look at:

- What is your True Authentic Self

- What is Purpose?

- Why should you care / why are these important or why do these matter?

- What do these have to do with goals and achieving and living my dream life anyways?

There is more information in the audio above, not everything is in the text below - this is just a summary:

True Authentic Self

Purpose Goals is all about helping you set and achieve goals aligned with your true authentic self. There is a reason why this course exists, and it is different from any other goal setting course and books out there on the market, because ultimately it is not just about goals, but also about discovering WHO you REALLY are, what you came here to do, and how to get on with your life´s work - doing what you came here for, and doing the things that leave you feeling energised, empowered and fulfilled.

Traditional goals, help you set generic goals - what you think you want and what you think will fulfill you. You set these in your asleep state, with your rational mind, yet leaving out the most intelligent form of guidance out - which comes for God and your Higher Self.

Have you ever heard “God has a bigger plan for you than the plan you have for yourself”?

Well, it is exactly to that plan that we are trying to connect to when we set Purpose Goals.

But what does the True Authentic Self have to do with anything?

Your True Authentic Self is who your really are at your core. It is who you were created to be from God´s Divine Factory, it is the REAL you. It is the you that is not covered by social and cultural conditioning, job titles, social expectations, obligations or even appearances. It is the raw, pure you, and the you that is connected with your divine essence.

Why is this important? When you came here to earth, you came with everything that you needed internally - but you were conditioned and taught how to be, how to behave, conditioned into believing what you could and could not achieve, and you were even conditioned into the kind of life and career that you have right now. Most people walk around asleep, on auto-pilot, living out their conditioned states.

But the true journey and true work, is the Journey of Awakening. Awakening from your asleep auto-pilot state, into your True Purpose and Potential - and the Truth of who you really are - your True Authentic Self, not the learned self. Returning to your True Authentic Self, helps awaken your True Authentic Power, rather than relying on some external fabricated sense of power.

I want you to peel all the layers of conditioning, and ask yourself,

"...hang on a second, who am I at my core?" What is my essence? What do I stand for? What do I really want at the core of my being? What do I feel called to do? What do I feel called to express? What lights me up and sets my soul on fire? What brings me infinite joy and happiness? Ohhh - and what if, I could create a life that is infinitely sustained from this true essence of me - it means I could have sustained happiness, immense joy and fulfilment? Wow….That is possible…?"

Yes, and it is possible for you. 💙

You are here for a reason, and for a season. You have work to do. Important work, that does not consist of shuffling papers, or being stuck in an office cubicle the entire day, 7 days a week. You are worth more than that, and you have real work to do - Soul Work, Purpose Work.


So many people ask me,

How do I find my Purpose? And what is my Purpose?

Because Purpose is not a single sentence thing, or a once off event, or a once off light bulb of “oh, my purpose is x”, but rather an ever evolving series of callings that if answered, together and collectively will make up your Purpose - the biggest clue that you have towards your Purpose, is your True Authentic Self and your heart´s longing.

You may not understand why you feel called to do something, why you are so good at something, or why you are so passionate about something. But all of these, lead to your Purpose.

Purpose is more like connecting various dots, rather than one single big dot. Purpose is an expression of your Divine Essence on earth, for the service of others, and also yourself - your soul evolution.

Purpose is honouring your Creator by doing what you were created for. It is a path of service, whilst also finding true love, joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life. Because finally you will be aligned with who you are, rather than disconnected from your true essence.

Why should I care?

Well, imagine going through your entire life, living a complete lie. Imagine, waking up everyday, going to a job you don´t particularly love, but can tolerate in order to pay the bills, but you can´t wait for it to one day be over. Imagine, having to fit your heart´s longing in a small tiny 1 hour compartment of your day, or none at all, because you are too tired or too busy to work on your calling, on your dreams and on your passions. Imagine that deep down inside you have a secret wish, a secret dream, of what you would really like to do if you had a 2nd chance at life - say born again, and asked to make different choices.

Well, that 2nd life is not after you die. That 2nd life, is right here, in this lifetime, after you awaken to your true potential, calling and hearts´ longing.

You should care, because it is who you are. Living a life where you are not allowed to express yourself, and not allowed to live a life that is in alignment with who you really are is not only suffocating, but it is delaying something that you were born to do.

In my near death experience I had a vivid feeling, that if we don´t start pursuing our purpose, or at the very least start enquiring about it, and trying our best to discover it and live it, that we will reincarnate again, start life all over again, with a brand new set of parents, same painful lessons, until we make different choices and finally do what we came her for. But the problem, is that we stay asleep for far too many lifetimes. We get here, and we get distracted with all the wonderful things life has to offer, that we even forget, what we have to offer to life.

It´s like being here for a reason, but forgetting about it altogether, and continuing living a life made out of distractions that take you far far away from what you are meant to be doing and who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Why would you settle for a life that is less than you are capable of living? Why would you not want to explore your full potential and capacity?

You are perfect, magnificent and with so many special gifts to share with the world. Don´t keep them for yourself, otherwise it is a waste of a life. Use your life constructively - discover your gifts and share them with the world.

What does True Authentic Self & Purpose have to do with goals and achieving and living my dream life anyways?

Your dream life, should ideally be, a life that feels 100% true and authentic to who you really are at the core. Due to the deep levels of social conditioning, we are often times so disconnected from our true selves, that what we put on our dream life list, ends up being things that we want to achieve that makes us look good in front of others, that makes us look like "we made it" and that we are worthy.

But I want to challenge you to instead, pursue that secret dream of yours that has nothing to do with anyone else, but you. It´s not what your mom, dad, husband, wife, friends, colleagues or anyone thinks would be right or cool for you. It´s your thing.

The ego will always push you towards ego goals - those goals that look good on the outside, achievements that look cool. But connecting with your True Authentic Self, will push you towards achieving goals that are true to who you are at your core.And thus they are goals that will fulfil you, not only in the journey, but also in the destination. Because they represent way more than just something you want. They represent, who you are.

True Authentic Self, Purpose and Goals

In Purpose Goals, I help you discover those small callings of your soul, as well as your heart´s longing and your True Authentic Self. After that you learn how to set goals that are in alignment with that, so that you can really start to be sustained from within, and start to live on Purpose - which is the highest level of fulfilment.

You will finally feel like you are finally doing YOU, rather than what society expects and demands of you. You create life on YOUR terms, but most importantly, this life is also aligned with your True Authentic Self, and ultimately, your Purpose.

After we have done all of that work, you learn practical strategies for achieving your goals, and turning those dreams into reality.

So it´s goal setting and creating the life of your dreams, but with an extra touch more - of Purpose, Passion and True Authentic Self discovery work.

Even if you want to set more superficial goals, you can also use these strategies to achieve them. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with setting and achieving material goals such as cars, houses, money etc - you can also apply this process to achieve those things. But the most important thing is that, in addition to all that, you also create a life that is aligned with your True Authentic Self, and aligned with your Purpose.

Nothing is woogie boogie by the way . I am spiritual, but I am also very practical and down to earth, and I understand that different people are on different levels of spiritual development and also need practical tools to get results. So I made the course very practicable, accessible and usable by all types of people - even the most pragmatic, skeptical and materialistic of all. And for those of you who are more sensitive and creative, the is also something for you, that you can use your way of working and thinking in this course.


I feel like I have spoken so much, and I still have sooooo much to share you. But for today, and on this topic, for everything to make more sense, I want to give you some homework - which is to read Purpose Goals book, Chapter 2 - Introducing you to Yourself and Chapter 4 - The Ultimate You. To be honest, if you can, just read the whole book.

You can download the book for free here, if don´t already have it.

Tomorrow, we have a very important lesson in this free course, which is about discovering what is sabotaging your success, and eliminating it for once and for all.

So, make sure you tune in tomorrow for Uncovering Limiting Beliefs that are Sabotaging your Success.

Much Love & Light,


P.S. If you still have some questions about True Authentic Self, Purpose and Goals or feel like this wasn´t covered enough here, please read the Purpose Goals Book.

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