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Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting

Course Summary

Introduction to Authentic Goal Setting Free Course

Today is the last day of our free course, and I wanted to congratulate you for making it this far. I always feel like I have so much to share with you that would benefit you, but there just isn´t enough time and space in the scope of this course to do it all, but if you do want to learn more, there will be an opportunity to do so.

In the meantime, let´s recap what you have learned so far during this free course :


Lesson 1 Recap: Why you really need Goals

Setting Goals is an absolute must-do if you want to succeed in life and have the things you dream about and desire manifest in your life.

Setting goals not only helps you make more money, and helps you make your dreams come true, but it also helps you with time management, giving you that extra boost of motivation and productivity you need.

It also helps give you purpose and direction in life, and even helps you overcome anxiety, depression and get over that breakup.

Needless to say, you shouldn´t get out of bed without goals, nor make major life decisions without setting goals first.

Lesson 2 Recap: 5 Reasons why you are not Achieving your Goals

If you set goals time and time again, and fail to achieve them, it can be because your goals are not aligned with your values and purpose, or because you have limiting beliefs running underneath the surface sabotaging your success.

Many don´t achieve their goals because they procrastinate and don´t take enough action. Others feel lost, confused, overwhelmed and don´t know where to start.

It is also possible that because you don´t have a strong support system in place to help you achieve your goals, or that your goals are not set out correctly, that you end up slacking off or drop them half way.

There are many reasons why people don´t achieve their goals. The most important is to identify at any given point in time, why you specifically are not achieving your goals, and work on eliminating those roadblocks. Use the prompts given on this lesson to reflect on that.

Lesson 3 Recap: Introducing YOU to you - the Value of your True Authentic Self

If you have set goals in the past and then realised the goals you achieved did not fulfil you and left you feeling like there was still something missing, you are not alone.

This is what happens to millions of people that set traditional goals, spend all their living time chasing those, only to get there and realise that they feel unfulfilled and there is still something missing.

The only way to set and achieve goals that are fulfilling and worthy of your life, is to set goals aligned with your True Authentic Self and Purpose.

In lesson 3 you learned what the true authentic self is, why it is important and what is purpose, and how they all tie together.

Lesson 4 Recap: Uncovering Limiting Beliefs that are Sabotaging your Success

You learned that limiting beliefs are subconscious beliefs that limit your possibilities and sabotage your success. You learned how to identify limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

Even if you set the most audacious goals and work hard to achieve them, if you have subconscious limiting beliefs running in the background, they can easily sabotage all your efforts.

Thus do the external work yes, but also the internal work of identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success.

Lesson 5 Recap: How you can Change your Life and Manifest your Destiny

In this lesson, I shared with you How you can Transform your Life & Manifest your Destiny.

I shared with you a 4 step process for transforming your life, and manifesting your destiny, as follows:

1. Surrender to your Creator and Ask for Guidance

2. Discover your True Authentic Self

3. Take time to Dream & Create - Set Goals aligned with your True Authentic Self

4. Create a Plan to make those Dreams a Reality

5. Take aligned Action

What Next?

So you have learned the basic foundations of setting authentic goals, what works, what doesn´t work and you have a general overview of where you may (or may not) have gone wrong in the past and need to correct course.

If you have had enough and are serious about creating the life of your dreams, and want to take this theory and put it into practice, and start setting and achieving goals that not only fulfil you in the destination (future), but also in the journey (present), tomorrow I will be opening the doors to Purpose Goals online course, which is a 4 week online video course, that will literally transform your life, and get you to finally achieve those goals, and give you the support system you need, but also soooo much more than that.

The course will be available on an online course platform so you can login and access the course and your lessons and goal setting workbook anytime, and go through at your own pace. Each week a new module will be made available.

We are only 3 months away from 2020, it is time to have a proven method of setting and achieving goals, and make 2020 count and be the year where you not only achieve your goals, but also make significant progress and transformation in all areas of your life! This a practical course, not a theoretical one. It´s about making things happen!

I will share the details with you tomorrow, so look out for your email - as I will also give you exclusive access to an early bird pricing, with a massive discount, to help you get on board on a budget that is affordable and comfy for you. I genuinely want everyone to benefit from this opportunity as I have seen it change lives (including mine), hence I am giving you this once-off (ever!) exception to get in at an early-bird rate.

Note: This special offer will only be available for the first 100 students, and for only 48 hours, so I recommend you start reviewing the info here and email me if you have any questions, so that you can make a well informed decision. You will receive this unique opportunity via email, for being part of this course, so look out for it (and look in the spam box as well if you don´t see it in your inbox).

Even if you decide not to join for whatever reason, I want to thank you for being with me this past week, and for committing to your own growth, development and success. I truly believe there is nothing more important than living on purpose, doing what you came here for and really achieving the things you set out to do, that are in alignment with your true authentic self. Doing this work, will truly transform your life, open doors to new career and business paths, help you make more money, and leave you feeling more inspired, passionate, motivated, productive, and will also lead to authentic success. Don´t deny yourself this gift, and don´t deny the world of your gift. Your life is precious, you matter, your time matters, your gift matters. Let´s make it count!


Action: What were your key take aways from this lesson? What was the one thing that spoke to you or that you learned today? Comment below: