Why is it Important to Set Goals?

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You may be wondering, why is it important to set goals? What happens if I set goals, and if I don´t set goals in my life, will there be a difference in the quality of my life? After all why is goal setting so important? In this article you will learn why goals are important, and how they can positively impact your life.

Setting Goals Increases your Chances of Success in Life

The difference between setting goals and not setting goals can be the difference between massive success and failure. Studies and research have proven that goal setters earn on average ten times more money (if not more) than people who don't have clear written and strategic goals. They are also more successful and far ahead in life than people who don´t set goals.

Goal Setting gives you more Clarity and Focus in Life

Sometimes in life you are unsure of what you want out of life, where you are going, or if you are even on the right path. You can be busy doing a million things, but not really going anywhere meaningful and constructive. You can do a lot, and still wondering - what am I doing with my life? What is the purpose of my life and what is this all about?

Purpose Goal Setting gives you clarity about your life direction, so you know exactly where you are going, why you are going there, and also makes sure that where you are headed to, is a place you actually want to be in and a place that will fulfill you.

Not setting goals on the other hand, leaves you feeling fuzzy about your journey and takes you on a path where you can end up somewhere completely random, and it may not be your desired destination - because you did not select your destination in the first place. Much like driving without putting in the destination on you GPS and arriving somewhere completely random.

You will want to take control of your life, have the clarity and focus to achieve your desired destination, and one that is in alignment with your True Authentic Self. And you can only achieve that through Goal Setting.

Goal Setters have more Fuel to Overcome Obstacles in Life

Life is not a straight road. You are bound to encounter obstacles and challenges on your path, as that is part of being human and having a human experience. If you don´t have strong, clear and strategic goals, at the first hit, you will stay down and not have the strength to get back up, or at least, not as fast as you would if you are rooted in a strong goal setting system. Goal setting gives you a reason “why” you should live, and get out of be everyday. It gives you a reason “why” you should succeed and not settle for less.

And when obstacles come your way, it is that strong vision and reason “why” that will pull you through. As the great spiritual teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith says

Pain Pushes, Vision Pulls
— Michael Bernard Beckwith

Thus whenever you encounter obstacles in life, you want to reconnect with your strong vision for your life, which you can only do so through Purpose Goal Setting.

Goal Setting Helps your Live the Life of your Dreams

What is the bridge between Dreams and Reality? Goal Setting, and action of course.

A goo goal setting system gives you a framework for first, discovering your ideal dream life, not the life you think you should live, not the life you think you can live, and not the live you have been conditioned to believe was the only life possible for you, but instead it helps you discover the life you truly and secretly want to live.

Once that is uncovered, you get a framework for turning that dream life into an actionable plan, with actionable steps, that if you follow through, takes your dream life from a dream state, to a reality state.

Thus goal setting is imperative if you want to live life on your own terms and live the life of your dreams.

Goal Setting leads to Increased Self Development and Personal Growth

Having a strategic goal setting system in your life, is a sure path to increase your journey of personal growth and self-development. Having goals forces you to grow, it challenges you out of your comfort zones, and helps you achieve things you would never even dream of achieving if you didn´t have goals. It takes you on a new life path of self-discovery, self-development and personal growth.

Successful Goal Setting leads to Increased Confidence Levels

Did you know that setting goals can increase your confidence levels? When goal setting reconnects you with the core of who you are, which Purpose Goals does, it makes you feel like you are finally at home with yourself. You move from feeling powerless and directionless, to powerful and purposeful. You move from uncertainty to feeling more confident and certain about who you are, what you want out of life, where you are going and even how to get there. You become stronger, and more whole within yourself and naturally develop a sense of true and authentic confidence, that comes from living in alignment with who you really are.

Goal Setting increases your Motivation Levels

Whenever you feel flat, lacking motivation and drive, it is a sure sign that you need to return to Goal Setting. Because goal setting give you a reason why you should get up in the morning as well a list of important things you have to achieve, instead of sitting flat, bored and lazy, you will get the push and drive you need to get moving. Often times, if you did your goals properly, you will realise that you have a lot to accomplish in life, more than you actually even have time at the moment, and thus coasting is not really an option - because you have places to go, places to see, experiences to live and important things to do - and all this, gives you the motivation to push through each and every day.

P.S. For this to work, you need an actual goal setting system that works. If you can or feel called to, join purpose goals as we will walk you through a successful step by step system to setting and achieving goals.

Goal Setting Helps you Make More Money - Guaranteed

One of the greatest benefits of goal setting is that it helps you make more money. This is so true, that when I worked in real estate sales, and was the top earner in my company, one of the secrets I used was goal setting. It wasn´t only me, the whole sales team was not allowed on the sales floor without having set their goals, because it had already been proven that goal setting increases your earning capacity.

The reason why is because when you set goals, you break the ceiling of your imagination and really begin to design a much better life for yourself - the life of your dreams. This life of your dreams, costs money, and if you have anchored your goals into a strong accountability system, with strong commitment, it means that you are now committed to making that life happen - it no longer is a dream, it is a goal with a plan. And knowing that you now need to make it happen, give you a viceral level of motivation that pushes you to make more money, and attract more money to fund your goals.


I may be biased, because I am the creator of the Purpose Goals Goal Setting System. However everything GOOD and AMAZING that I have achieved in my life, including things I never dreamed would be possible for me, have been thanks to goal setting. This is not limited to material goals, such as, escaping the 9-5 rat race, taking a 2 year mini-retirement in my late 20s to live the life of my dreams in the country of my dreams, to travelling to my dream exotic destination, to living in the dream luxury house in Beverly Hills in LA and Knightsbrige in London, to starting my own successful international real estate company and a successful life coaching business, to meeting celebrities, and more importantly to finally do work in life that is in full alignment with my Purpose, Passions and True Authentic Self.

These goals may seem meaningless to you, and that is okay, because they were my goals, not yours. You have your own meaningful goals, and it is imperative that you achieve them during the course of your lifetime. And because we don´t know which day will be our last, the sooner we get on with our life work as well as with our goals the better.

And to increase your daily levels of motivation and success, you should not get out of bed or start your day without goals.

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