The Difference between Traditional Goals and Purpose Goals

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If you are new to Purpose Goals, you may be wondering- what is the difference between Purpose Goals and Traditional Goals? And are they really far off from each other?

As much as we love traditional goals, we find that traditional Goals are flawed because they ask people what they want, when most people don´t really know what they want, and when they do, they don´t have a clue how to get what they want, and often times, because these goals are set from a disconnected mind, they get there and are not even fully satisfied, fulfilled.

It is not enough to ask people what they want, for you could say, you want to win the lottery, marry Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, never work a day in your life, just to name a few.

In fact there are many people that have achieved what they set out to achieve on their goals, got there and wondered why on earth they were not not happy, satisfied and fulfilled. I was also one of those people, who always set goals, achieved them and still felt like there was something missing, but I couldn´t quite point my finger on what it was really.

Effective goal setting goes beyond what you think you want, and instead helps you uncover who you really are, what your purpose is, and aligns your goals with those parameters.

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Your goals then become an extension of you, your true authentic self, rather than something far away from you that you need to get. Instead of searching for new motivation methods to achieve your goals, you discover an intrinsic level of motivation. Instead of dragging yourself to do things you hate to achieve your goals, you connect with your natural source of pleasure and achieve your goals with more ease and pleasure.

Purpose Goals helps you set more truthful and authentic goals, aligned with your True Authentic Self and your Purpose. Using these can literally save years of your life of unnecessary detours, stress, and exhaustion. And it also ensures that you finally create goals that actually fulfill you and that you will be happy with on the destination - because they are in full alignment with who you really are - your true authentic self.

When you set goals without first connecting with your true authentic self, purpose and passions, you will end up setting completely different goals, that may not actually be your true goals and you will feel like you have achieved a lot, but not much at all when it comes to the bigger picture of your life and what you were born to do in this world.

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For example, in the past when I set Traditional Goals, I set them thinking about how I could create more money in my life so that one day I could finally do what I loved. In this methodology, doing my heart based work, was a reward for having achieved monetary goals, and something that was postponed into the distant future. Until one day, my life was interrupted unexpectedly, and I woke up to the fact that we don´t have time, and that in fact, the most important and valuable thing we can do with our lives is to begin expressing our purpose, passions and true authentic self in the world. We must begin to do what we came here for, or at the very least, attempt to do so. It is a journey, but one that you must start now.

Years later when I began to set Purpose Goals, I set them by first reconnecting with myself, my passions and my purpose, and then looking for ways to express that in the world. My goals arose from living my truth, my passions, my purpose, and living a truly authentic life that fulfilled me during the journey and not just on the destination, in some distant future.


I feel much happier in my life, I feel at home with myself, I don´t feel overwhelmed or like I am chasing some shinny object. I feel like I am finally doing what I came here to do, and I know that that purpose is expanding and evolving as I take each needed step to express it in the world. It feels very much like you are completing a beautiful puzzle, enjoying placing down each piece of the puzzle, for each piece is full and fulfilling on it´s own. And you know that even if your life is interrupted, that you have lived fully and did the best you can with the time that you were given on earth rather than just chasing superfluous goals.

The daily routine becomes much more pleasurable, fulfilling, and you have a new found level of motivation that comes from within. With traditional goals, because they are so disconnected, you usually find that you need to employ new productivity and motivation tactics in order to beat procrastination and getting things done. Sometimes you feel like you have to push hard, you are overwhelmed and even stressed. With Purpose Goals, you begin working with flow, you get in you zone and get things done seamlessly, because you are finally in alignment, and thus walking on the path of least resistance.

Learn How to Set and Achieve Purpose Goals

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How do you actually set Purpose Goals? Can I still choose what I want?

Purpose Goals in practice, begin by building your foundational key to success, which is identity. Oprah´s husband, Stedman Graham even wrote a book about Identity, called Identity: Your Passport to Success, where he explores the interconnectedness between success and identity. He credits much of Oprah´s success to her strong identity, knowing who she is, and expressing that in the world.

It´s about connecting to who you really are, underneath the surface, but also discovering what unique gifts you have to give to the world. Everyone has something special, and a special contribution to make, so before we do anything we start with helping you uncover that foundation, through a series of questions and exercises.

We also help you discover your own personal success formula, rather than having you chase someone else´s idea of success. But more than that, finding your personal success formula helps you identify in which areas, can you most easily succeed in life.

This is Module 1.

Module 1: Identity - Discovering your Purpose & True Authentic Self

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After that foundation is set, you are now allowed to set goals. And yes, now you can choose what you want to create. The goals that you set must now be aligned with the findings from module 1, so that they are in full alignment with your true authentic self. Only by being in alignment, can you find the joy and fulfillment that you are looking for, as well as being capable to achieve truly authentic success.

Module 2: Goal Setting - Setting Goals Aligned with your True Authentic Self

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After you have done this, it is time to make things happen and create a solid framework for achieving your goals. Purpose Goals helps you not only set your goals but also achieve your goals. Module 3 is all about strategies for achieving your goals.

Module 3: Achieving your Goals - Making your Dreams Reality

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Then finally, our bonus module, tech tutorials, shows you how to set goals and develop monthly, weekly and daily plans that you can follow to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, using applications such as Asana, Trello and Google Slides.

Bonus: Goal Setting Tech Tutorials

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You finish the course equipped with a clear road map for your life, knowing exactly where you are going, but also having a plan for making your dreams a reality and expressing your purpose on earth.

So if you are worried thinking that you need traditional goals instead of purpose goals because it´s simpler or less complex, you are wrong. Purpose Goals has that extra layer that makes your goals and you life that much more richer, whole and complete, and sets you on a journey of true wholeness, authentic success and finally achieving your hearts desires, with a lot of soul, love and happiness on the journey.

Set Goals aligned with your Soul

Achieve your Goals with more Ease and Joy

Through the Purpose Goals Course

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