Achieve your Goals Quotes: 10 Inspiring Success Quotes to Help you Achieve your Goals

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Do you need motivation to stay on track and follow through with your goals? I compiled 10 success quotes you can read to stay inspired and motivated to follow through and achieve your goals:


It´s Not Over, until I Win!
— Les Brow


Our Greatest Fear should not be Failure, but Succeeding at things in Life that Don´t Really Matter.
— Francis Chan


Don´t Focus on your Obstacles, Focus on your Objectives
— Nara Lee


Life Knocks us Down but we can Choose to Get Up!
— Jackie Chan


Impossible means I Am Possible
— Audrey Hepburn


I don´t believe in taking the Right Decision. I take decisions and then Make Them Right!
— Ratan Tata


Destiny is not a matter of Chance. It is a Matter of Choice.
— William Jennings Bryan


Action is the Foundational Key to All Success
— Pablo Picasso


It is fine to Celebrate Success. But it is more Important to Heed the Lessons of Failure.
— Bill Gates


Failure is not an Option
— Gene Kranz

Bonus Reminder

If it´s to be, it´s up to Me!
— Gaby Bernstein

I hope this has given you a boost of motivation and inspiration to kickstart your day :-)

Without a strong mind and a positive mindset there is little we can accomplish. Strengthen your mind, strengthen your entire life.

Now it's your turn, what is your number one favourite motivation quote that kicks you into shape and helps you achieve your goals?

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P.S. And if you don't have your goals set, i created the below goal setting worksheet to help you get started. You shouldn't get out of bed without goals and a clear direction. Feel free to download it and get started.

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Much Love,

Nara Lee