10 Tips for Successful Goal Setting

10 Tips for Successful Goal Setting Nara Lee.png

Goal Setting is a very important exercise. If you do it correctly, it can change the course of your entire life. Thus taking it seriously, and giving it the needed time and attention it deserves is crucial.

Here are 10 tips you can use to ensure your goal setting is successful:

1. Give yourself time

If you have a lot of goals, you don´t have to achieve them all within 3 months. If you stack up all your goals in a very short period of time, you will end up overwhelmed, overworked, and probably not achieve very much. As a result you will beat yourself up for not having achieved your goals, when the timing you gave yourself was too short. To be successful at goal setting, you need to give yourself time.

2. Prioritize

Yes, I know you want it all and you want a lot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But in order to achieve your goals, you need to prioritize, otherwise you end up getting nothing done, or again, overwhelmed. There has to be a balance in life, and it must be a joy to pursue and achieve your goals. It is not meant to be hard, stressful and overwhelming. The way you avoid that is by prioritising your goals and focusing on your most important goals.

3. One thing at a Time

After you finish goal setting, you will end up with a lot of goals, for different areas in your life. Don´t attempt to tackle all goals at the same time. Pick one per category to focus on and do that very well, until you finish and can add more on your plate.

4. Have an accountability system

If you don´t want to fail, have an accountability system in place. This can be a person who will hold you accountable for your goals, or you can even have the public be your accountability partner by sharing your goals openly on social media. For example you can share that you are on the way to losing 10KGS and will be posting a video or photo of you in the gym everyday. If you a new project you want to launch, you can put up a pre-launch page and tell everyone about this project that is coming up, so that now, you really have to do it and deliver. An accountability system always works.

5. Trust Yourself

When you set goals, trust your intuition and what comes up on your goal setting journey. No dream is silly and in vein. As the old saying goes - God wouldn´t have put that dream on you, if you were not capable of achieving it. So no matter how impossible or far out the dream and goal may seem, trust yourself, trust your dream, don´t dismiss it, it is there for a reason.

6. Use Images

Whenever you can, use a visual representation of your goals. This helps you visualise it but also attract it into your life through the law of attraction. It also helps keep you motivated and have an eye on the prize.

7. Write it Down

This is an obvious one, but not obvious for everyone. 

Goals must be written down, and not stored in your head.

Get a notebook online or offline, dedicated solely for your goals. You will use this to review your goals on a regular basis, measure your progress and even create new goals.

8. Take Breaks

Goal setting shouldn´t be rushed. After all, you are creating the plan of your life, and it deserves is appropriate time. Purpose Goals course for example, takes a few days to complete, you cannot complete everything in one sitting because there is a lot to goal setting, it´s not just writing down a to-do list. When you are actually writing down your goals, take short breaks in between, to go get a drink, stretch, etc, then return to your goal setting exercise.

9. Use Music

Use nice relaxing music when setting goals. This keeps you in a relaxed stated and allows ideas to flow more easily. Here is a sample playlist you can use https://open.spotify.com/album/1XV6ikDD5fpOWdy3fKIXzB

10. Visualize and Meditate

After you finish goal setting, set aside some time to visualise your goals. When you visualise, use all your senses, see yourself having already achieved that goal. This will dramatically improve your results of achieving your goals. And if you can, prior to setting goals, start with a short meditation and connect with your sub-conscious mind. This will help you avoid setting ego goals, and instead set goals more from your soul.

Enjoy goal setting!

Do you have any other tips to share with us, that have worked for you? Comment below: